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Kokomo Independent is now

Faith Baptist Church

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          Faith Baptist Church is an independent New Testament church that is organized to carry out the great command of Jesus Christ to preach the gospel to every creature. Our church is family oriented and is dedicated to strengthening the home and equipping parents to raise Godly children with a desire to serve the Lord. Every service is dedicated to teaching and preaching God’s Word with clarity,zeal and enthusiasm. Our church presently has a bus ministry and Sunday School classes for all age groups.


Our Staff
Senior Pastor Andrew Green

Pastor Andrew Green is a 1979 graduate of Liberty Bible Institute with a major in Pastoral Ministries and a minor in Biblical Studies. He has been in full time ministry since his graduation in 1979 and has pastored churches in Indiana and Wyoming. Pastor Green is the founding Pastor of the kokomo Independent Baptist Church where he has served since 1986. He also serves as the Department Chaplain of the Howard County Criminal Justice Center. where he has served for 19 years. He also serves on the board of the Indiana Chaplaincy Conference an organization that trains and certifies Chaplain’s to work with Law enforcement agencies. Pastor Green and his wife Karen have been married over thirty years and are the parents of seven children.

Youth/Assistant Pastor James Schneider

Pastor James and his wife, Faith, are both 2009 graduates of Crown College in Powell, TN. He has served as our youth pastor since June of 2011.

Contact information:
600 South Dixon Road, Kokomo, IN 46901
Office: 765-459-0619
Email: kibc@att.net